Shadrick Addy
Experience Designer

My name is Shadrick Addy, a designer and aspiring design instructor based in Raleigh, North Carolina. I am currently pursuing a Master of Graphic Design degree at North Carolina State University. I will be completing my degree requirements in Spring 2019.

As a graduate student, I've worked on numerous projects covering immersive mixed reality systems, user experience, interaction, and editorial design. My professional practice includes work with Bull City 150 as a Digital Humanities Fellow. I've also worked as the Virtual Reality Pentair Fellow at NC State Libraries. I'm currently collaborating with researchers at N.C. State College of Humanities and Social Sciences to create the virtual reality reenactment of Martin Luther King's "Fill Up the Jails" speech.

My final thesis project is concerned with the implementation of location-based virtual reality systems in historic house museums. At the completion of my graduate studies, I look to continue my research interest concerning the use of mixed reality technologies as cultural and social instruments. Future investigations will explore the use of virtual reality for purposes of re-experiencing history, generating empathy, and encouraging social etiquette in educational and cultural environments.

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