Shadrick Addy & Alysa Buchanan

MGD '19

Outcomes and Objectives

Explore concepts of user experience and user interface design

Implement experience design methodologies to inform design strategies

Understand unified visual language and systems to create a cohesive brand identity

Practice using design softwares to create high fidelity prototypes

Guiding the Pack

Project Overview

Wayfinding systems that guide users through an environment, from one point of interest to the next, epitomizes experience design. A good wayfinding system is one that enriches the user experience, guiding visitors through an environment with little hassle. For this projects, students designed a wayfinding map for incoming students at NC State to use during new student orientation.

Running With The Pack

Project Overview

Mobile technology, such as smartphones and tablets, have allowed traditionally analog methods of data collection and display to move into the digital space. Connected devices and accounts allow for users to sync and share data across multiple platforms. This allows participants to collect, personalize, and synthesize their information, often giving the individual greater agency over their objectives and outcomes. For this project, students worked in teams of two to design a simple brand identity, tablet application, and visual map of the race course for a community marathon. The application was designed to be used at the beginning, halfway mark, and end of the marathon.

Guiding the Pack v2

Project Overview

For this project, students worked in teams of two to design a simple brand identity and phone application of a hypothetical school. The application was designed to be used by new students to learn about the school, and navigate the campus safely and efficiently.

Design Process

Persona & User Story

In teams, students writes a user story about their assigned persona. Develping Personas allow students to articulate for whom they are designing.

User Journey Maps

Teams work to develop a user journey map for their persona showing the user’s mood as he/she completes the marathon. Teams determines which events to include on their journey map based on the interest and need of their persona.

User Testing

Students upload their sketches on to iPads and then navigate their designs through the view of their persona. Cohorts provide feedback which is taken into consideration for the refinement process

App Development

Using their team’s persona, user story, journey map, and branding, each team will develop three to six app screens for the marathon. The app should be branded according to the marathon and designed with the user in mind.

Presentation & Discussion

In teams or as a class, students will meet periodically to present and provide feedback on the design proposals.

Design Resources